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Notes to Self

1. Do not pay attention to the usher at Wintuk pointing you to the “quickest exit”. It won’t be the quickest exit when you end up on a strange street and find yourself walking around for a good ten minutes trying to find Penn Station. Of course, Penn Station turns out to be the enormous building you were walking around for these ten minutes, but that’s not much help when the sides you were on have no signs nor any entrance.

Next time, just take the exit that you came from. You’re a woman – you aren’t good at directions.

2. Don’t get so excited by the fact that the new sim in your old American phone enables you to access two-year old messages from your exchange year to the extent that you miss your subway stop and end up walking 8 blocks in “-1 feels like -9C” weather. Especially when you’re eating a candy bar and you start fearing you’ll choke because your face is so cold you can’t even tell if you’re chewing anymore.

3. Write “notes to self” that make you sound a bit more awesome.

4. Learn how to do triple-twirly-springy-flip-twists from a horizontal bendy pole held by two muscled men in colourful lycra. Now that’s a life-skill and a half, Cirque du Soleil.

5. Write a proper blog post. With photos. Which means stop leaving your camera cord locked up in your hostel room.

6. Work out where you’re going next week so you don’t end up, you know, homeless and frozen.


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