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Today, I bring you the final instalment of my day in New York. You remember, the one that saw me shopping, traipsing, gaining and losing two children, losing and gaining my wallet, and all before 3:30 in the afternoon? By the time my wallet was safely back in my shaking hands, I was ready for some serious calming and nurturing of the soul.

However, seeing as my dog and mother were too busy snuggling with each other a billion miles away to care about nurturing me...

Elvis' Jumpsuits, Graceland

...and because I’d stupidly left all my self-esteem-bolstering sparkly jumpsuits back at the hotel...

I settled for a trip to Whole Foods to restore my spirits.

Ah, Whole Foods. Land of raw vegan ice cream made with cashews and agave, where bison meat is sold alongside peanut butter granola and overpriced radishes, and where a girl can find soul-nourishment alongside the bodily nourishment offered by free samples of expensive foods.

You see, after I filled my basket with spelt gingersnap cookies (in the shape of hearts, awww), a few more chocolates, lupine beans (why don’t we have these in Australia? They are the shizzle), and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, I started searching for a Whole Foods employee to help me find the other items on my mental checklist of desired delectables.

Nutrilicious Vegan Pumpkin Pie Donut

Vegan pumpkin pie donut? If you insist.

I spotted a worker loitering and snacking amongst a conglomeration of little tables stocked with samples, and (quite unintentionally, I promise you*) found myself pouncing upon him once he reached the chocolate sample table.

Sure, it tasted nothing like a real donut, but that worked for me as I don't particularly like real donuts. Give me something dense and spicy instead of spongy and saccharine any day. (Is there another "how (...) likes her men" joke in there somewhere?)

Yet when I tried to ask the worker my very important question about the location of chia seeds, I found myself forced away, utterly against my will, from such a hunt by the offer of a chocolate sample from the chocolate sample man.

And lo! The heavens opened up and choral singing was heard, for this was no mere chocolate sample man.

This was Tim McCollum, one of the founders of Madécasse chocolate. Madécasse is not only a bean-to-bar chocolate-maker but a bean-to-bar-at-the-source chocolate-maker. Whereas other chocolate companies source their cocoa from overseas but turn it into chocolate back home, Madécasse harvests, cures, and creates the chocolate entirely in Madagascar.

More on that, however, in an upcoming chocolate review post.

For the minute, I’d just like to remember with happiness the wonderful 45 minutes I spent chatting with Tim. We talked about everything from his company’s principles, origins, and goals to his trips to Madagascar, the awfulness of long-haul flights, our views of SweetRiot’s marketing, my blog, and our mutual desire to see Madécasse become available in Australia.

Madecasse chocolate

Get excited, people!

When it did become time for me to head off, Tim thanked me for letting him talk about his company and passion, and yet all I wanted to do was thank him for allowing me to do the same (except about chocolate in general, as I sadly do not own my own chocolate company). He was even generous enough to gift me with one-and-a-half bars of the chocolate. You can rest assured you’ll be hearing more about that soon, too.

Ah, the kindness of strangers. I could have asked for no more exciting, educational, thrilling and pleasurable end** to my tumultuous day than meeting Tim. So, universe? Thanks.

* No, seriously. I really didn’t notice at first.

** Well, there was also the part afterwards where I was about to get on the subway and remembered I’d forgotten to buy a power adaptor for my battery-dead laptop, so scampered off to a Radio Shack with my backpack/handbag/duffel bag/thousand grocery bags, spent about $20 on plugs that I didn’t need, and rambled on-and-on at the poor salesguy about my wallet story because I was still emotionally giddy… but mostly, the excitement of the day was over.


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As many of you may have gleaned already, I have been nibbling away at rather vast quantities of rather a lot of different chocolates. More often than not, I have been delighted by deliciousness, richness, interestingness and, as a corollary, happiness. Yet even such a dedicated chocolate taster as yours truly cannot escape the occasional moments of disappointment, the majority of which occur when an hypothesised-as-delectable treat is found to be, well, not delectable. The following two items comprise such let-downs, although this is not to say that the chocolates described would not appeal to another’s tastes. 

365 Everyday Value Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate Bar with Coconut Flakes

Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Organic Swiss Dark Chocolate with Coconut Flakes

Golden Rough in Organic Form?


To find out about this chocolate and Crispy Cat’s Toasted Almond vegan bar, all you need to do is head over to my new domain, where this very post is now housed. Please do – it’s just one more little click! Hurrah!

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Okay, so I’m not sure about rights in terms of embedding someone else’s video, so instead I’m just going to provide the link to Christopher Walken doing Poker Face.

Also, I have received external corroboration that I am, in fact, absurdly excited by grocery stores. I was almost at the door of the Columbus Ave Whole Foods the other day when a twenty-something guy suddenly asked me how I’d got there. Sure, my first thought was “check wallet! check passport! check laptop!”, but the following conversation ensued:

Me: The subway?

New Yorker Guy: On 96th?

Me (still a bit confused): Yes…?

New Yorker Guy: Did you get a cab from there?

Me: No…

New Yorker Guy: You must walk really fast. I saw you streets behind me a while ago, and now you’re in front of me.

Me: Oh. I think I was just excited about Whole Foods…

He then said something about waiting for his mother (his Mom, I mean) so they could buy groceries, at which point I laughed and said I wished I had a mother to buy me groceries. I then realised that I should mention that I do, in fact, of course, have a mother, but I also decided the better thing would be to stop babbbling (check dignity!) and just go and buy my darn food.

Which was awesome, by the way. Although I still can’t decide if the herbal lavender/mint/lemongrass/thyme water I bought was delicious or singularly revolting.

(Two posts in one day? Look at me go!)

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