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If this were a straight-up chocolate blog, I might be open to critique for reviewing what I’m about to review. I say this because, firstly, carob isn’t really chocolate and, secondly, I’m pretty sure a fair few of you out there wouldn’t even deign to let this product cross your lips.

But you know what? On this blog I’ve talked about my cross-stitching habit, I’ve posted photos of beloved shoes, and yesterday I mentioned congealing avian faeces. So really, you’re getting off lightly with carob.

Plamil Carob Confection

Plamil Carob Confection

Wait a second, technically this package reads as "Dairy Free Alternative to Carob Confection". Wouldn't an alternative to carob be... not carob? I'm confused.

Plamil’s Dairy Free Carob bar is dairy free (wow, what a scoop, Hannah… your hard-core research skills know no bounds), gluten free, caffeine free, vegan, produced in a nut-free facility, and composed of a mere three ingredients: cocoa butter, carob powder, and raw sugar.

Now, my experience with carob is pretty limited, and when I first bit into a square of this “confection” I was… perplexed, to put it mildly. Plamil describes this bar as having a “chocolatey” taste. I beg to differ. However, that said, nonetheless, although, if we take into consideration, mind you, having removed any thought of chocolate from my mind… I actually really liked this bar.

It’s not chocolate. It’s not chocolatey. What it is is deeply, deeply dark and reminiscent of burnt honey and molasses. It tastes like the darkest golden syrup or blackstrap molasses you can imagine, with a bitter edge that stops just shy of being acrid. My take on this carob bar is that so long as you don’t expect anything akin to a chocolate flavour, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the taste. I know I was.


What do these berries have to do with carob, you might ask? I might answer: Absolutely nothing.

Hungrytown Dave, these are the berries I so hopelessly described in the comments section of the previous post. They were very sweet (from memory almost honey-like), and I haven’t seen anything like them before or since. Please rescue me from the agony of not knowing and let me in on the secret of their name!


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There once was a girl who did not
Think that to be high on life one needs pot
Therefore while she is known
To get the munchies when alone
Bongs, spliffs, and smokes she ain’t got.

But what, you may shout, does this mean
In a travel blog, why, it’s obscene!
To be talking of drugs
(Did you know I love pugs?*)
This could be read by impressionable teens!

Never fear, my dear readers, I say,
For where there’s a will there’s a way
For sense to be made
Before by police I’m waylaid
‘Cause you see, it’s a Chocolate Post Day.

Plamil No Sugar Added With Hemp Seeds

Yep, this blog is still quite Safe For Work
In Gilmore Girls, I didn’t love or hate Kirk**
But what I did love
Was this choc, because push for shove
Its nutty yumminess was a big perk.

I do not know what Xylitol is
But this shelled hemp is surely the biz
I don’t think I got woozy
And I sure ain’t a floozy
Did you know that rice in French is called riz?

Plamil No Sugar Added with Shelled Hemp Seeds

So now that I’ve taught you so much
(Like I’m now in Bruges where they speak Dutch)
I think that you should
If you can, and you would
Eat this chocolate – its taste has a sweet touch.

At the Marienplatz in Munich. Just, um, because.

* Really. That’s not just a convenient rhyme. Well, I mean, obviously it is a convenient rhyme, but I truly have in this past year become mildly obsessed with pugs. Perhaps because they look like grumpy old men?

** Also true. With less ambivalence, I didn’t like the sixth season at all. Or Dean, for that matter. Jess all the way.

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