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Never fear, readers! (I’m sure you’re all quaking in your boots. Yep.) We haven’t run the travel well dry yet; I still have many Paris and Italy posts to write up. However, as I’ve been rather verbose of late, I’ve decided to give you all a break from my [typed] voice and scavenge through my photos instead. So here you are: a “glimpses of” post that functions somewhat as a bonus post, as it relates to cities and places I’ve already covered on the blog.

Have at it!

T-Shirt in a Box

Asheville, North Carolina

Gee whiz, a t-shirt in a box! In a box. Asheville, your ingenuity astounds me. One question, though… doesn’t this product become indistinguishable from all other non-cardboard-packaged shirts once it’s, you know, out of the box?

To get my money’s worth, I’d be inclined to slip the story of the shirt into every conversation I had.

Ergo: “My name is Hannah and I’m having more toe surgery on Saturday, but that’s okay, because this t-shirt came IN A BOX”, or “What’s that you say, check-out-chick? $7.43 for these strangely addictive bags of popped popcorn and my kilo of green beans? I’m sorry, I thought you were commenting on the fact that I bought my t-shirt IN A BOX”.

Cheddar's, Kingsport

Cheddar's Restaurant In Kingsport, Tennessee (I think that's where we were, anyway)

Just so’s you know, Cheddar’s was where I was initiated into the LLC. This photo amuses me because I took two others like it, and it wasn’t until I loaded them on my computer that I discovered the fellow in the left-hand corner was staring at me in every one. Once with his eyebrows raised speculatively, too. I giggle because either a) he thought I was a crazy lady, or b) he thought I was taking photos of him and wanted his babies.

Ian's Mac and No Cheese

Suprisingly delicious...

Another one for the giggles. When I was staying at the lovely Lauren’s house, she carefully wrote my name on my Whole Foods-purchased microwavable snack so that her sibling wouldn’t eat it accidentally. Somehow, it didn’t seem likely to me that her college-football-star brother would be interested in a gluten-free and vegan mac ‘n’ cheese replica… but I appreciated the thought. Thanks Lauren!

Dear heavens, wasn’t this meant to be a less verbose post? Okay, back to captions, not paragraphs.

Maine Coon

Not only the fluffiest but the friendliest cat I’ve ever met. Correct me if I’m wrong, Lauren, but I believe he’s a Maine Coon?

Oxford Street Scene

I dropped my iPod while walking down this (or a similar) street in Oxford. At first I was cranky, but then I realised that every time I see the scratches I’ll remember being in Oxford with Y.CaptainPlanet, and that is A Good Thing.

Lion Statue in Munich

Don’t cry, Aslan! Munich may be far away from Narnia, but at least it offers the weary traveller multiple varieties of rye bread rather than soul-destroying Turkish Delight that tastes like soap and evil. P.S. Tangent: Tilda Swinton is fabulous.

Twilight Barbies

Et tu, Berlin?

*Cue Twilight Zone music*. Very odd – I’d never heard of Edward Monkton before arriving in Berlin, and yet I walked into a store there and found he’d drawn dozens of portraits of me. Spitting image, wouldn’t you say? I must have appeared to him in a dream.


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We seemed to have a little success with my last art/art commentary post, so I thought a repeat might work. But first, an update to last night’s update…

Dutiful as always, I got up bright and early this morning to take myself back to the hospital where I had been instructed, yesterday, to come every day starting today, for nurses to take care of my toe. So imagine my surprise when, upon arrival, I discovered that the clinic I was to go to was, well, you know, closed on Sundays.

Yep. This is the France I’ve heard about on David Lebovitz’ blog. Ah well, tomorrow then. The funny thing is that I can read the French on the medical papers given me by the nurse, and I also got a pharmacist to talk me through it, and it says “without urgency”.

In addition, all the papers instruct the nurse to do is apply Betadine, which I can easily do myself. In fact, the pharmacist didn’t think I needed to go to hospital at all, and neither did the Australian and Canadian girls who took me under their wing last night. Those two amazing women honest-to-goodness giftwrapped a packet of hope and happiness and calm for me, and on top of that got my mind off things by taking me out for a drink. (Yes, Australian friends. I actually imbibed alcomahol.)

Anyway, I’m still unsure as to what to do about my travels, as the foot is still swelling at inopportune moments and providing discomfort. I’m considering booking extra time in Paris and taking it easy here. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Now…

To the Art with Us!

Chandalier, Throne Room, Neuschwanstein Castle.

View from underneath the chandelier in the Throne Room of Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich. Yes, you aren't allowed to take photos. Yes, I took a photo. I blame my naughtiness on the Americans in my tour group, who took multiple photos in every room. I shall now go sit in the corner and think about what I did.

Garden of Exile, Judisches Museum, Berlin

Looking up in The Garden of Exile at the Jüdisches Museum in Berlin. I also really recommend this museum, for while it covered the horrific events of the Holocaust in a gets-into-your-bones way (entering the Holocaust Tower was physically and psychologically chilling), it also celebrated Jewish culture and conveyed so much about the Jewish faith, music, history, and art.

Adam and Eve with their First-Born, 1896, Lesser Ury

Yes, it's the mother-child bond again. No, I don't have a bun in the oven. Probably I'm just missing my own family a little bit. (This is a section of "Adam and Eve with their First-Born" by Lesser Ury, 1896, at the Jüdisches Museum, Berlin.)

British Empire Panel by Frank Brangwyn, Arentshuis, Bruges

Now that's a shifty-looking fellow if ever I saw one. ("British Empire Panel 1925-1930" by Frank Brangwyn, at Bruges' Arentshuis Museum.)

And now, a series I like to call “Hannah tells you the inner thoughts of four ye olden day women”:

“I ought to be prancing through tulips right now, not wasting my time sitting here with you. I’m considering stabbing you with my tapestry needle.” (Portrait of Miss Kinsoen, by Franciscus Josephus Kinsoen, at Bruges' Groeninge Museum.)

“I shall stare at you with my dead fish eyes until you fear me. Fear me! Also, my pug is not the ugly-cute kind of pug that Hannah likes. It is just ugly.” (Portrait of Sylvie de la Rue, by Joseph Octave van der Donckt, at Bruges’ Groeninge Museum.)

“I have arsenic hidden under my collar. However, I have also invented the first headwear that doubles as a pillow, so the jury may let me off.” (Portrait of Jeanne Bauwens-van Peteghem, by Franciscus Josephus Kinsoen, at Bruges’ Groeinge Museum.)

“I like opium.” (Portrait of Marie Josephine Lafont-Porcher, by Franciscus Josephus Kinsoen, at Bruges’ Groeinge Museum.)

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