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I can’t help feeling sheepish when I look back at this post about Chocolat Moderne’s Espresso Toffee chocolate. As much as the three separate shots of my chocolate-lovin’ visage beg to differ, I don’t really delight in taking photos of myself. What I do delight in, though, is reviewing another of Chocolat Moderne’s toffee-filled chocolates (and leaving my own face out of it).

Chocolat Moderne Lime Chocolate and Toffee Bar

Chocolat Moderne Lime Chocolate and Toffee Bar

Christmas colours!

Just like the Espresso Toffee bar before it, this lime-infused toffee creation is made with 65% Valrhona chocolate. Pleasingly dark and glossy in appearance, there was definitely a citrus tinge to the aroma, although I’m not sure I could pinpoint it specifically as lime. Upon breaking the chocolate up, I was happy to find the bar jam-packed with toffee chunks. I must admit that the toffee didn’t seem quite as crisp in this bar as it did in the Espresso chocolate, but that’s probably because I carted the Lime bar halfway across the world before eating it.

Chocolat Moderne Lime Toffee and Chocolate Bar

See? Not stingy with the toffee.

The lime flavour in this bar is pleasantly subtle and smooth, forming a light and tangy undertone to the buttery-caramel sweetness of the toffee pieces. The chocolate is equally enjoyable, melting easily on the tongue and contributing a deeper, darker edge to the bar’s sweetness. This Valrhona blend isn’t as complex or swoon-worthy as the Guanaja Grué, but its richness definitely indicates a high-quality chocolate.

Chocolat Moderne Lime Chocolate and Toffee Bar

Bear with me... whenever I see this photo, I think of The Land Before Time. Except instead of a scary swallowing-creatures-whole chasm, we're looking at a delicious chocolate chasm.

As you might be able to tell, I liked this chocolate but I wasn’t blown away. There was nothing untoward in the taste, and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was having to work for the flavours. If I didn’t concentrate, this chocolate seemed to offer little more than a pleasant, unexciting sweetness. Every now and again, a big punch of lime juice or buttery toffee would surprise me, and in those moments I thought far more highly of this creation. For the most part, though, I’d rate Chocolat Moderne’s Espresso Toffee chocolate as more worthy of a repeat purchase than this Lime version.


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