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Well lookee here! I’ve scrounged up a few more photos from travel days that have already been covered in some form or ‘nother on this blog. Plus, I’ve still got another Paris post and all of Italy to chat about, so we haven’t hit the bottom of the travel well yet. Hurrah!

Carvings at Notre Dame, Paris

Don’t it always seem to go / that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone? (Notre Dame, Paris)

Penis Pasta

I might have expected to see this at a store selling Bacholerette Party paraphernalia, but no. This was in a Wimbledon toy store, just a metre or so down the shelf from the plastic baguette and kitchen appliance toy sets. Either For Shame, London... or Bravo, London. I haven’t quite made up my mind.

Paris building

I love Paris' architecture.

Statue, Berlin

The left hand says “I’m modest”, and yet the right hand says... the opposite. (Berlin)

Statue, Berlin

While this dude is all about the confident “look at me!” free-wheeling. (Berlin)

Shoes, Galeries LaFayette

Torture is wandering around the Galeries Lafayette shoe department when you have a bandaged toe and can’t try anything on. Funnily enough, I took a photo of these because they struck me as bad-interesting... but now I think they’re badtastic and I think I might love them. (I do have some brilliant heels from my previous US visit, which I could show y’all at some point if anyone's interested?)

Shoes, Galeries LaFayette

These shoes, however, remain utterly Le Stupid.

Dalloyau macarons, Galeries LaFayette

They really do love macarons in Paris. These were at the Dalloyau counter at the Galeries LaFayette.


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It’s been a while since one of these Glimpses posts, so let’s skip the small talk and get cracking, shall we? (The Plane Boy story will have to wait a bit longer…)

Statue near Eiffel Tower

Now that, my friends, is some convenient fabric placement. It even... well... curves around... And now all I can think of is poor Adam with his tiny fig leaf.

Paris, Île Saint-Louis

A Rather Nice View of Paris from Île Saint-Louis

Cracker Jacks

Spot the American in line for the Notre Dame! (Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks... has anyone seen Gene Kelly’s Take Me Out to the Ballgame? Love that musical. (“It’s like the Fourth of July, or apple pie, it’s Strictly USA...”))

Canal Bio, Paris

Just a small selection of the vegan/vegetarian products found at Canal Bio. Further down the aisle were my beloved Croque Tofous, some Tofinelle tofu sausages, and tofu pate... I did giggle, though, when I saw frozen beef mince abutting vegan ice cream in the freezer cabinet.

Dalloyau, Galeries LaFayette

The Dalloyau counter at Galeries Lafayette. I only got in a few snaps before being scolded by a No Photos Man. There are far too many No Photos Men in Europe, I think (and before someone else scolds me for a different reason, in my experience they were almost always men).


My archivist mother is going to make evil eyes at me through the internet right now, because I’m going to describe this as “A Roof in a Room at the Louvre”. I think the room had something to do with a king. I could google-research it for you... but instead I think I might go check my online Scrabble games.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar in French

Aww, I didn't know that caterpillar in French was chenille. What a pretty word. Chenille. (On the other hand, I have never forgotten the French word for camel, which I taught myself in year 8 for some unknown reason. Chameau, if anyone's interested.)

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