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Note: Just another day or so, dear readers, and all shall be revealed about the exciting adventure, engendered partly through this blog, that is leading me to Florida for a few days before I make my way to London. Isn’t the suspense just eating away at you? ūüėõ And speaking of eating…

In all honesty, I should be¬†researching what/where to do/eat/sleep in Europe right now. Instead, I’m going to talk about a chocolate¬†toffee bar, because, well, my head is going gobbledegook.

(But if anyone wants to alleviate my impending panic and give suggestions about Paris, Florence, Germany, Belgium, and Amsterdam, I shall be utterly grateful. Have at it in the comments, or by email! Seriously. Do.)

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

My "Look! I have new chocolate!" face.

Chocolat Moderne makes a variety of products using Valrhona as¬†the chocolate¬†base, and while the Bistro Bars sound pretty good, I found myself picking up the Espresso Moderne Bar. Described as “Butter Toffee Infused with Espresso Crumbled into Fine Dark Chocolate”, this chocolate has a respectable 65% cacao content and incorporates¬†sizable chunks of butter toffee.

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

My "But is it any good?" face. Also known as my "What's the floor plan of this hostel?" face.

The first thing I noticed upon breaking into this bar was its generosity with both the size and dispersal of the espresso toffee chunks. Second was the aroma, which seemed both chocolate-y and coffee-like without being overly strong in either. (Um, I also seem to have “cheddar cheese” written down as an aroma¬†in my tasting notes. I’ll let you all figure that one out.)

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

Jam-packed with toffee goodness.

I like the toffee in this bar, as¬†it has that perfect texture of simultaneously cleaving, crumpling, and crunching beneath¬†your teeth. The toffee is definitely shot through with coffee flavour but also maintains its own buttery caramel integrity. It’s almost like two kids playing on a see-saw – one minute the coffee is up and waving its arms in the air, the next minute it’s the buttery sweetness yelling for its mother to take a photo as it goes ever up, up, up.

The chocolate hold its own too, with some red berry notes, slight smokiness, and a smooth melt. Of course, Valrhona tends to be a reliable option for such rich sweetness.

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

More toffee goodness.

Chocolate and toffee lovers as well as dentists could easily be fans of this one. The chocolate, coffee, and toffee flavours blend together as an harmonious whole,¬†while the toffee displays that uncanny ability to stick to one’s teeth. It is worth mentioning that the coffee flavour is pretty mild, so those who are not a fan of coffee’s bitterness would still, I believe, be able to¬†enjoy this. (My notes¬†state “like a¬†mocha with caramel syrup”, though this may be a reflection of my recent Starbucks visits more than anything else.)

Ultimately, though, we should leave the final say to my face. Face, what say you?

Chocolat Moderne Espresso Chocolate and Toffee Bar

My "You taste scrumptious" face. (I make no apologies for acting like a nincompoop. Sometimes, things like this just happen when one travels alone.)


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