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Okay, so I’m not sure about rights in terms of embedding someone else’s video, so instead I’m just going to provide the link to Christopher Walken doing Poker Face.

Also, I have received external corroboration that I am, in fact, absurdly excited by grocery stores. I was almost at the door of the Columbus Ave Whole Foods the other day when a twenty-something guy suddenly asked me how I’d got there. Sure, my first thought was “check wallet! check passport! check laptop!”, but the following conversation ensued:

Me: The subway?

New Yorker Guy: On 96th?

Me (still a bit confused): Yes…?

New Yorker Guy: Did you get a cab from there?

Me: No…

New Yorker Guy: You must walk really fast. I saw you streets behind me a while ago, and now you’re in front of me.

Me: Oh. I think I was just excited about Whole Foods…

He then said something about waiting for his mother (his Mom, I mean) so they could buy groceries, at which point I laughed and said I wished I had a mother to buy me groceries. I then realised that I should mention that I do, in fact, of course, have a mother, but I also decided the better thing would be to stop babbbling (check dignity!) and just go and buy my darn food.

Which was awesome, by the way. Although I still can’t decide if the herbal lavender/mint/lemongrass/thyme water I bought was delicious or singularly revolting.

(Two posts in one day? Look at me go!)


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