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See? My head isn’t an entirely loopy place to be. Sure, I like to keep things interesting by adding Tabasco to my peanut butter cookies and, when given the chance, designing a customised chocolate bar topped with edamame, curry powder and granola. But sometimes I do tend towards the tried-and-true. Sometimes, I aim for overall harmony – my years in a clarinet ensemble certainly showed me the value of being in tune with one’s surroundings.

And so I present to you the second of my personalised Chocomize creations. The creation intended to be less-crazy and more harmonious…

Chocomize Dark Chocolate with Mini Pretzels, Cinnamon Toast Cereal, and Poppy Seeds

Chocomize Dark Chocolate with Mini Pretzels, Cinnamon Toast Cereal and Poppy Seeds

What say you: do the pretzels look more like clovers or the warning sign for nuclear power?

After admiring the burnished pretzels, sugar-coated cereal, and little bitty blue-black poppy seeds embedded in the chocolate, I attempted to break off a few rows. I say “attempted” because the pretzels, in crossing over the bar’s demarcated squares, made it impossible to break the chocolate evenly. Is this a bad thing? Not for me. I see no issue in getting a larger chunk of chocolate than I intended. I figure it’s just the universe telling me that abstemiousness in the face of chocolate is ridiculous.

Still, it might make sharing tricky. Perhaps slightly smaller pretzels would work better? But that’s enough about boring old functionality. We all know that the important thing is the taste.

Chocomize Dark Chocolate with Mini Pretzels, Cinnamon Toast Cereal and Poppy Seeds

See the sugar on the cereal? Gotta love America.

For the sake of continuity, I’ll stay with the pretzels. They worked magnificently here. Not only were they as crisp and fresh as they day they were born (erm, baked), their malty, toasted wheat, and indubitably “pretzel-y” flavours played off the sweet dark chocolate wonderfully. As we know, I’m a fan of using flavours on the savoury spectrum (salt, chilli, curry, roasted edamame/nuts) to counteract the sweet side of chocolate. These pretzels did exactly that. Bravo, Chocomize.

The Cinnamon Toast Cereal was a little bit disappointing. The positives were the cereal’s light and crispy texture and the jolt of sweetness from its white sugar-coating, but sadly the cinnamon flavour was lacking. For a true cinnamon hit in your Chocomize bar, I’d recommend choosing the cinnamon powder instead of this cereal.

Chocomize Dark Chocolate with Mini Pretzels, Cinnamon Toast Cereal and Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are odd-looking close up, aren't they?

Poppy seeds have a nostalgic place in my heart, as my mum makes a poppy seed cake that, well, has a nostalgic place in my heart. Yep. (I may just have to blog it one day.) These poppy seeds provided a nice little textural crunch, but their flavour was a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the slightly-spicy, slighty-nutty poppy taste came through well, and other times… nothing. I’m not going to fault Chocomize for this, though, as poppy seeds aren’t the most striking seed in the birdfeeder, so to speak. Also, there’s a chance my senses were clouded by all the opium.

Last but not least, let’s chat about the chocolate. Surprisingly, if we’re talking about the straight-up chocolate, I far preferred Chocomize’s milk chocolate to its dark. And I’m a die-hard dark lover. In my experience, the milk chocolate had a lovely caramel complexity, whereas the dark chocolate was one-dimensional and a bit flat in its sweetness.

Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate wasn’t terrible by any means. Just very sweet, and definitely best when paired with strong, not-sweet flavours like pretzels. In fact, I’d very happily order another bar of Chocomize’s dark chocolate with only pretzels in it. That combination was brilliant.


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Some people get excited by sports. Others, by spotting birds in the bush. Then you’ve got your death metal devotees, your Gleeks, and your pansy gardeners (I am, of course, referring to the flowers). For me, one of the best feelings in the world is spending the first night in Smurf Kitchen snuggled up in blankets, eating delicious food, and laughing and talking with your new housemate – but more on that another day.

I couldn’t discuss chocolate in this context without first acknowledging that friendship does trump food – in most cases, at least. And while the glories of both can certainly be heightened by the addition of the other, it’s probably time for me to focus on the chocolate-at-hand. Otherwise we’ll end up in a quicksand of rhapsodising, and right now I can’t see any Wesley on the horizon willing to jump in and save us all. Anyway, point is, interesting chocolate makes me happy and excited.

Chocomize Milk Chocolate with Roasted Edamame, Hot Curry Powder, and Pomegranate Granola

Chocomize Milk Chocolate, Roasted Edamame, Hot Curry Powder, Pomegranate Granola

Yep. Giddy.

Darn tootin’ you read (and saw) that right. Milk chocolate, edamame, curry powder, granola. In other words: crazy-awesome. Who, you might ask, came up with this ingenious combination?

*Takes a bow*

Chocomize is a U.S. company that allows you to make a custom chocolate bar by picking a chocolate base (dark, milk, or white) and then adding up to five ingredients from over 100 different options (including gummy bears, 23 karat gold flakes, bacon bits, and parsley).

You know the expression “like a kid in a candy shop”? I learnt the meaning of that when Nick from Chocomize offered to send me several bars of my choosing, free of charge. (As with TCHO, I had to use my lovely American friend as go-between in order to get the chocolate delivered to Australia.)

Chocomize Milk Chocolate, Roasted Edamame, Hot Curry Powder, Pomegranate Granola

As you can see, the additions are sprinkled on top of the bar rather than embedded in the chocolate. Luckily the chocolate is divided into 24 squares underneath, which helps with breaking bits off.

Lorraine, do you remember this conversation about jerky and chocolate? Well, Chocomize offers jerky as an ingredient, but I feared Customs would swoop in with its confiscating mitts if I chose it. I had to rule out many options for this reason, but I still managed to come up with two bars of plausibly-flavour-complimentary chocolates, and one bar of pure crazy.

This bar is the pure crazy. I threw caution to the wind and didn’t try to match the flavours, which means I’ll talk about how the flavours worked with the chocolate and on their own, but not about the bar in its entirety. Can’t really blame Chocomize for its customers’ gleeful craziness.

Chocomize Milk Chocolate, Roasted Edamame, Hot Curry Powder, Pomegranate Granola

Pretty. Pretty pretty.

Enough jibber-jabber. How did this taste? Pretty darn wonderful, actually. You know me – I’m not usually a big fan of milk chocolate, but this version was surprisingly superb. It had strong caramel tones that lingered on the palate long after the chocolate itself had disappeared, and the flavour was (thankfully) never throat-searing in its sweetness. It also had a lovely silky melt.

I’ll get the low point out of the way first. The hot curry powder, whilst seemingly liberally sprinkled over the chocolate, had almost no flavour. I’ve had some stellar chocolate and curry combinations, so I was quite disappointed by the lack of flavour here.

Aww, lookee the granola hugging the edamame...

Thankfully, the roasted edamame and pomegranate granola elements tasted fan-diddly-tastic. The edamame was crisp and fresh, and contributed a nutty-ish flavour that played off the caramel sweetness of the milk chocolate perfectly. The granola had no pomegranate flavour that I could detect, but no worries – the sweet, coconut-edged toasted oats was equally as brilliant with the chocolate, in their own way, as was the edamame.

I really enjoyed the novelty and flavours of this chocolate, and was mighty saddened to find I’d finished three-quarters of the bar in one sitting. I could easily have eaten the lot, but I decided to save a little for a rainy day.

Also, I wanted to be able to bring this chocolate out in Smurf Kitchen, so that I could see my housemate make the funny face she makes when I pull things like millet and nutritional yeast from my side of the pantry. Oh, what fun we shall have together.

P.S. Chocomize is generously offering all (U.S.-based) readers a 10% discount on any order of its personalised chocolate bars. Simply enter “hannah” into the coupon code section at the checkout, and Bob’s your chocolate uncle.

P.P.S. I’ll be reviewing my other two Chocomize chocolates in the future too – don’t you worry about that.

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