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I’m currently torn between the fear of forgetting what happens in my days (this leads me to want to post travel stories constantly) and the fear of losing all my readers when I get back to normal non-travelling life in Canberra (this leads me to want to hoard my travel stories). Today, I seem to have been led to do both, so here’s a bit about my day and a chocolate!

Part A: Overview of Florence, Day 2

Waking up to a beautiful sunny day in Florence, I decided to make my way over to see an equally beautiful man. No, not Ronaldo. I’m talking about this fellow:

Actually, not quite. This is the copy of David at the entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio, where the original originally stood. After it's origination.

On the way to the Galleria dell’Accademia, though, I came across the Museo di San Marco. Why not? I thought to myself. Housed in an old Dominican monastery from the 15th century, the San Marco Museum is… well, um… not really very good. However, caveat – if you like endless paintings of Jesus on the Cross, go for it. Personally, I like my art with a dose of human warmth and emotion, not with blood spurting from chest wounds and endless repetition.

Seeing as it was a nice day, though, and I’d paid my entry fee, I enjoyed a pleasant hour reading my Sookie Stackhouse book in the museum’s courtyard.

(There is something a bit awkward about reading a sex scene in an old monastery, particularly when also surrounded by an Italian tour group of women in their 60s and 70s.)

Museo di San Marco. At least it looked nice.

After this, I was quite lucky and only had to wait half an hour in line to see the David. And you know what? Amazing. I was expecting seeing him to be like seeing the Mona Lisa – something I did because everyone told me to, therefore something I went into poutingly and something that, as expected, I didn’t care for.

But Michelangelo’s David is stunning, and huge, and perfect, and rather yummy.

So was this:

Gelato, Gelateria Carabe

Winner winner! Sorry that this photo lacks depth, or the ability to showcase depth, but I wanted you to be able to see the flecks in the gelato on the right.

After some dedicated google-researching this morning, I have a hefty list of recommended gelaterias to visit. One such was Carabe, a small gelateria just down the road from (the real) David… really, what was I supposed to do?

This whooped the Festival del Gelato gelato’s tookus.

I got pistachio (on the left), which was buttery, dense, and rich, with real pistachio flavour (none of this almond extract business) and no fluoro-green food colouring. The one on the right, though, was a revelation. I’m not usually big on fruit-flavoured things, but this pear gelato tasted like pure ground-up pears, their essence, distilled. So true, so sweet, so refreshing. Hold me back, I feel there’s almost an haiku there. Must resist urge.

In a fight to the death with the following chocolate, I think the pear gelato would win.

Part B: Sainsbury’s Sao Tome Dark Chocolate

Sainsbury's Sao Tome Dark Chocolate

"Sao Tome... really dark... intense flavour". We'll see about that.

Gosh, it feels like an age since I’ve done a straight-up chocolate review. And it has been an age since I had this; it was eaten way back in Liverpool, in early February.

Sainsbury’s is a supermarket chain in England, and so I wasn’t sure what to expect from its own-brand chocolate. Unfortunately, while it was quite good for what it was, it fell into the same trap as the San Marco Museum. Just not my thing.

The aroma was very fruity, with strong raisin notes. The flavour was similarly very strong on fruit, but in the tangy, almost-sour red berry fruit way that I don’t love. In fact, this tasted a lot like red wine to me, and I just can’t do shiraz, or merlot, or what have you. (Rose is good. Oh fiddlesticks, I have Prosecco in the fridge! Silly forgetful head.)

Sainsbury's Sao Tome Dark Chocolate.

Well done, camera. You do work better when you have light to work with, don't you?

I also got burnt acidic coffee, hay, and goats cheese from this, but all in an unpleasant-tempered-by-red-wine way. At the same time, I feel bad being so disparaging, because I do feel that someone who likes red/tangy chocolate would like this.

Just, you know, not me. Too fruity. For chocolate, that is. I prefer my fruitiness to remain in my gelato.

Buona Notte!


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