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Way back in January, when I bought, ate, enjoyed, and reviewed B.T. McElrath’s Chile Limon bar, I also picked up, ate, enjoyed, but didn’t review the same company’s Salty Dog bar. I’ll probably soon have to admit that I can’t blog every chocolate I eat, but for the moment I’m holding onto my stubborn will-to-succeed in order to bring you tales of…

B.T. McElrath’s Salty Dog Chocolate Bar

With thanks to M.HeartsofPalm for the colourful backdrop.

As you may or may not be able to see on the packaging above, this is a 70% dark chocolate combined with butter toffee pieces and sea salt. The butter toffee is mixed through the bar, but the sea salt is sprinkled on its underside. Consequently, while the toffee comes across strongly in the aroma, the first flavour to hit is the salt.

And it seems I opened the chocolate and moved it to a different location.

Once the initial shock of saltiness wears off, the delicate salt flakes simpy serve to broaden and de-cloyify (that’s from the Hannah’s Imaginary Word-of-the-Day Calendar sitting on my imaginary bedside table) the sweetness of the chocolate. Unlike the Moderne Toffee bar, this Salty Dog lacks a strong buttery flavour but makes up for it with a taste not unlike marshmallows and demerara sugar. The toffee pieces in the bar are also far smaller than in the Moderne chocolate, and as such the overall taste is less “chocolate with toffee” than “toffee-flavoured chocolate”.

Mmm, teeth marks. More importantly, toffee bits!

The chocolate itself isn’t overly amazing, but it has a nice sweet richness which plays off well against the toffee pieces and the salt. It’s incredibly munchable, without providing the waves of contrasting flavours that made the Chile Limon bar somewhat of an adventure. It’s still a fun chocolate, but not as much fun as, say, sitting in the sun underneath the Eiffel Tower on a (relatively) warm spring day, eating both pots of a two-pack of coffee ice cream…



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 First and foremost, a shout-out of gratitude and excitement to two wonderful ladies, who have each brought me inexplicable happiness by posting about adventures inspired by this lil’ old blog. I would never have dreamed of finding such camaraderie after less than two months of blogging, and I’m utterly chuffed.

So please, check out Louise’s attempt to find interesting chocolates in Orange, then have a gander at Theresa’s ingenious take on the much-maligned PB & J bar.

Surely all I have to do now is sit back and wait for another incredibly clever blogger (who, unlike the current me, has ample access to a kitchen) to come up with a chocolate-chili-lime pudding, as inspired by today’s chocolate?

B.T. McElrath Chile Limón Bar

B.T. McElrath Chile Limón Bar

Or inspiration for a mole sauce, perhaps?

While rifling through my ever-growing chocolate stash yesterday, I realised that I needed a break from salted flavours. Taste fatigue? Subconscious fear of hypertension? I may never know, yet what I do know is my hand picked a winner when it landed on this bar by B.T. McElrath. Described as “[d]ark and milk chocolates infused with chilies and lime”, this Chile Limón bar is visually stunning. Comprised of ten squares, the front showcases milk chocolate with splodges of dark while the back integrates the dark into the milk via a swirling pattern.

B.T. McElrath Chile Limón Bar

I wouldn't mind the job of swirling the chocolate with a giant toothpick. Are you hiring, B.T.?

My first impression upon tasting this chocolate was of a pleasantly milky sweetness overlaid with hints of hazelnut praline… and then KAPOW, whizz-bang, and other such comic strip terminology, the chili kicked in at the back of my throat. No sooner had I registered this much-welcomed heat than the tang of lime whooshed through my mouth, lingering on my palate with the chili long after the chocolate itself had dissipated.

B.T. McElrath Chile Limon Bar

Never has a splotch been so appealing.

To elaborate, the chili’s effect is a strong heat at the back of the throat rather than a burning on the tongue. The lime flavour is (thankfully) not reminiscent of lime peel but lime juice, so that instead of a citrusy bitterness we get the zip and zing of a key lime pie or a lemon and lime delicious (I make a mean lemon delicious, for the record).

B.T. McElrath Chile Limon Bar

So much nom.

With each subsequent square of this chocolate, my mind jumped from ooh-sweet to mmm-lime-tangy to hurrah-heat! I was slightly surprised at how consistently well the combination of chili and lime worked here, both in the sweet milk chocolate sections and the more muted dark chocolate areas.

I now can’t wait to try the other B.T. McElrath bar currently hiding in my suitcase, although it is, I must admit, a salted toffee chocolate…

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