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Except first, one little glimpse of Antwerp, where I spent a lovely two days catching up with an high school friend. Thank you, E.VeganSuperStar, for the trips down memory lane, the laughs, and the general feeling of camaraderie.

But about the photo… everyone says that Belgium is the place to go for waffles and fries with mayonnaise, right?

Well, it turns out Beligum is also the place to go for chocolate spreads. Seriously, I couldn't even get them all in this photo.

After my time in Antwerp I made a quick stopover in Amsterdam, expressly for the purpose of meeting, for the first time, my French penfriend (also from the high school years). So another thank you, this time to E.BelleAmie, for her hospitality, extraodinary English speaking skills, and Paris Metro advice.

Albert Cyupmarkt, where we bought the biggest carrot known to man (or woman) and showed our supremacy over it by making it into delicious, delicious soup.


You can keep your tower that leans, Pisa. Amsterdam has multiple leaning towers of topiary. (Yes, I do know that topiary isn't quite the right word. Humour me, I'm an invalid/cripple at the moment.)

Amazing Travel Experience #273: Being interrupted while watching We Own the Night with your French penfriend and her boyfriend in Amsterdam by two female French breakdancer friends of theirs, who come bringing homemade sushi, some of which has Dutch cheese on it. Having one of these friends frequently translate the conversation into English for you, breathe excitement into the idea of a PhD, and make you write really long captions for photos.

Pug! Pug pug pug! In a bag! At the flower market! Surrounded by pot!

Told you.


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